Tehnički podaci

  1. Main parts of a castor

    a) The wheel: The main component of a castor that touches the ground and is being rolled to move the whole application. There are certain variations of a wheel according to each different application.
    b) The support: is the part of the castor connecting the wheel to the trolley that also offers the directional ability of the movement. It can be fixed or swivel, with or without brake in various types of fittings.

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  2. Castors mounting options

    Below we present you all the possible options concerning Castors mounting. Characters explanation:

    Ws= Load capacity of the swivel castor
    Wf= Load capacity of the fixed castor
    WT=Maximum weight to be carried
    P= Deadweight (tare) of the trolley

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  3. Choosing the right castor

    To choose the right castor, it is really important for the Ergonomy of the operators as well as for the people who are in the same environment (e.g. patients in a hospital).

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